Simple Auto Upgrades For Better Performance And Handling

Auto upgrades can come in many different forms. Some of the performance upgrades like changing an engine or transmission can be costly. There are some simpler improvements that will give your car the performance you want. You may want to consider improvements like better springs and shocks or an aftermarket air intake. A computer chip can also easily be added to give you better control. Here are some of the upgrades that you will want to consider for better performance:

1. Upgrading to a Stiffer Suspension to Improve Handling

Stiffer suspensions are a great way to improve handling. There is a downside to doing suspension upgrades; the ride will be rougher, and you will feel more of the bumps in the road. What a better suspension does do is improve turning and give you more control of your car. You may want to consider improvements like coil-over springs or anti-roll bars to give your car a stiffer suspension.

2. Get More Control When Turning with Wider Tires

If you upgrade the suspension on your car, it is not going to do you much good to have the same old narrow tires. Consider having wider tires installed on your car. The wider tires will give more surface for gripping and improve control in turns. The trade off with wider tires is more cost and wear, as well as rougher driving.

3. Intake Upgrades to Improve Airflow and Give Your Engine Better Performance

Intake is another good improvement that you may want to consider for your car. Air intakes on stock cars have limited airflow. An aftermarket air intake will improve the air and fuel mixture, giving your car more power and better performance. There are even cleanable filters that can help you save on the cost of air filters every time you have your oil changed or other maintenance done.

4. Tuning Chips and Fuel Injection Upgrades to Give Your Car More Power

Tuning chips have been around for many years. These are special computer chips that plug into your car's diagnostic testing system. The computer chips are used to change the fuel mixture settings and other technical aspects to improve power and performance. Tuning chips can also have different settings, which can also allow you to set the computer to reduce fuel consumption with a minimal impact on performance.

These are some upgrades that you will want to consider to give your car better performance. Contact an auto mechanic shop to get help with some of these upgrades and improve your car's performance.