How To Know It Is Time To Replace Your Car Battery

One of the most frustrating things that can happen with your vehicle is to turn the key in the ignition, only to find out the battery is dead. However, it is possible that you can actually know before this happens. Here are some common signs that it is time to replace your car battery.

The Electrical Components Are Having Issues

This is one of the subtler signs of a car battery dying that you should not ignore. Many new drivers don't realize that the reason their radio is suddenly not turning on right away is because the battery's juice is running out. Try to pay more attention to the different electrical components of your car, as they might give some more insight into the health of your battery. For example, if your windshield wipers are moving slower than they normally do, your power seats are moving as they should, or you can't use the electronic locks anymore, then it just might be from the battery.

You Can't Get the Engine to Start

If your engine doesn't start at all, then obviously it is probably from the battery, but there can also be start-up problems before the battery is completely dead. Before this happens, you may start to notice that the engine cranks but doesn't turn over right away. If you do eventually get it to start, but it is starting to take more than one try, then consider it an advanced warning sign of a dying battery. This could also be related to your starter, so you might want to get your car checked out if the problem persists even after replacing the battery.

There Is an Odd Smell

Your car has a lot of different smells, from the sweet aroma of the antifreeze, to the pungent odor of burning rubber. A battery that is slowly dying can also start to give off signs based on the smells. If you suddenly smell rotten eggs, this is usually not a good sign with your car. One of the potential causes of this type of odor is that your battery is venting gas, which occurs when it is shorted from gradually dying. Open up the hood of your car and see if the smell gets worse; if so, it is a good time to check out your battery.

Also look for more obvious signs, such as having an older battery or having to jump your car more than once, as this can drain a battery quickly. Go to an automotive repair shop for help replacing your battery.