3 Minor Auto Problems That, If Neglected, Can Turn Into Major Repair Problems

If you are the type who likes to ignore problems and hope they resolve themselves, understand that you might end up costing yourself a lot of money. There are many problems that might arise with your car that are rather minor. However, if you leave them be and just ignore them because you can still drive the car and don't want to go the the mechanic, then you risk letting the problem develop into something more serious. Here are three minor problems that you should address as soon as they start because ignoring them can lead to major mechanical failure.

Oil or Coolant Leaks

If you notice oil or coolant underneath your car on your driveway, then you need to bring your vehicle in. Do not simply keep adding oil and coolant, and hoping to avoid a minor fix. The longer the problem goes on, the worse your engine will suffer. Oil is necessary for the engine to run smoothly. A lack of oil can lead to a grinding down of surface metal. It won't be noticeable at first, but if left to continue, you can end up with a blown head gasket. This is a huge repair that requires the entire engine be hauled up out of the car and dismantled.

Likewise, coolant needs to be in the system or else it will get too hot. Heat can lead to severe damage as well. The fix might be something as simple as a cracked oil seal or a crack in the coolant reservoir, which the mechanic can fix in a day. A blown head gasket will put your car out of commission for days and set you back quite a bit of money.

Vibration While Driving

Any sort of vibration while you are driving needs to be looked at ASAP. It's a sign that the shocks need to be replaced. Replacing shocks is crucial for preventing damage to the structural integrity of your car (the frame). If you ride around on bad shocks, your car will bounce around. No matter what you've seen in late 90s Hip Hop videos, cars are not designed to do this. It will put enormous stress on the frame and warp the steel. At that point, the car needs to be junked.

Misfiring Engine

A misfiring engine should be looked at by an auto mechanic so that they can determine the cause. It is likely bad spark plugs. These are easily replaced with a simple socket wrench. It's a fast process. However, if you continue to drive around with bad spark plugs and a misfiring engine, you risk damaging the catalytic converter. This is an expensive part to replace.