Do You Brake Properly? We'll Show You How

No matter how long you have been on the road, you might not realize that you are driving inefficiently. The truth is that there are many ways you could be driving in a way that is not the best for your time, the safety of those on the road, or even for your car's upkeep. These tips will show you how to brake properly so that you are driving more efficiently for everybody around you.

1. Try not to brake whenever possible.

The sooner you begin to slow down, the better. See that red light or stop sign? Simply slow down earlier than you usually would rather than waiting for the last minute to hit the brakes. Anticipate traffic slowing down by looking for brake lights and other driving cues.

2. Drive the speed limit.

The posted speed limits are there for your safety, but they also advise you of the best speed to drive on this road. This will prepare you for the potential stop signs, traffic lights, and curves ahead. Trust the signs.

3. Move smoothly.

Easing on and off the brakes is your best bet, and it is sure to keep your brakes and tires in better working order. Slamming the brakes does your car (and drivers around you) more harm than gently tapping and pressing slowly.

4. Consider the weather.

Visibility is affected by the weather, and it is important to consider this when you are driving -- especially at high speeds. Think about this before you follow the car in front of you closely to the extent that you may need to brake quickly.

5. Don't simply follow the leader.

Just because the car in front of you brakes does not mean that you need to brake too. In fact, you could just be wasting gas and wear on your brakes and tires. 

6. Don't brake with the left foot.

You are less likely to slam on the brakes when you switch from the gas pedal to the brake pedal with the right foot. You should not be braking with your left foot for best results.

Braking properly is an art that you must learn over time and with practice. It is easy to discount the process of braking gently because hard braking becomes a habit. With proper practice, you will soon find yourself changing pace and paying more attention to the inefficient braking practices of other drivers.

For more tips on keeping your brakes in good repair, talk to a mechanic like those at Belmont Husky Service.