Dressing Up The Interrior Of Your Car With Aftermarket Parts And Accessories

The interior of your car needs to be loved as much as the outside, but it is often forgotten or neglected altogether. Whether you are trying to preserve the factory condition or change the interior completely, there are a lot of options for interior accessories and replacement parts that can help you achieve your goals. Consider these options to really make the interior of your car as nice as the exterior.

Seat Covers

Whether you are trying to protect the factory seats in your car from dirt and grime or are just looking for a new look but don't want to change the entire seat, a set of custom seat covers might be just what you need. When you are shopping for seat covers, keep in mind that there are custom covers that fit properly and will look great, and there are universal covers that won't be so good. If your budget allows you to go the custom route, you will be happier with the end result and spend less time readjusting the covers on the seats.

Carpet Kits

Most people don't think about changing the carpeting in their car, but if you have really customized your ride, you might want to change the interior color or add some carpet with a design or logo in it to the car. There are carpet kits available that are molded to fit the car perfectly and will give you the factory fit. Keep in mind that changing out the carpeting does require stripping the interior of the car and removing the seats, but if you take your time and do it right, it can really take the interior to the next level. For more information, contact a company like Rich's Custom Upholstery.

Door Panels and Trim

When you are working on changing up that interior, you might want a different color, but changing just the seats and carpets will only get your so far. You're in luck, though. Aftermarket manufacturers now offer custom-colored trim and door panels for many of the popular car models. Many of the door panels have designs embossed in them, or they are available in custom colors. There are even some that come in white and can be painted to match your interior colors or to contrast and offset them. Either way, they make a great final addition to the custom interior you are looking for.

Steering Wheel Covers

One last place you can make a difference in your car's interior and give it a little extra flare is to add a fun steering wheel cover to your factory wheel. While it can also cover a damaged or worn wheel, sometimes it is just the thing to add one more great touch to the interior and make it all you.