Simple Tuning That Can Be Done on Any Family Car to Improve Performance

Tuning has been popular with many car enthusiasts for many years. The compact cars of modern times can have chips added to them and other small improvements to give them better performance and handling. Tuning can also improve the performance of a family car, giving you a better driving experience, handling and safety. Here are some simple tuning improvements that you may want to have done to your family car: 

1. Better Handling with Stiffer, Heavier Suspension Parts

Heavier and stiffer suspension will give you better handling of your car. This can be good for avoiding accidents and going around winding roads. The stock tie rods can be replaced with aftermarket tie rods that help stiffen your suspension. You can also have components added that help with some of these improvements to your car, such as anti-roll bars. These are bars that attach under the hood to tie the upper suspension together and prevent rolling in turns.

2. Updating Brakes and Wheels to Give You More Control

The brakes of your car are also important, and more so if you are driving with your family. Stock brakes can be replaced with more responsive aftermarket parts that will give you better braking when you need it. In addition, you may want to consider updating the wheel with wider tires that will give you better grip on the road and improved handling. Improving the tires and brakes will add to the upgrades you have done to the suspension.

3. Tuning Chips and an Air Intake to Add a Little More Power

Response is important when you need to get out of the way to avoid an accident. This is why you may want to give your car a little more power. Modern cars can easily have tuning chips added to them, which can allow you to adjust the settings of your cars computer. You can also get chips that will give you data about performance and adjust settings for things like better fuel economy. In addition, you may want to upgrade the air intake for better airflow and a little extra power.

With better performance, your car will respond better when you need to avoid an accident. Handling improvements are also going to help you keep your family safe while driving. If you happen to need roadside assistance before you're able to make these upgrades, contact a professional like those at Ragans Mac Auto Sales And Service for help.