3 Ways To Make Your Construction Company's Office Trailer Look More Permanent

Using an office trailer from a place like Instant Space Inc as your main structure on your construction sites is an excellent way to keep operating costs down because you won't have to build something from scratch for employees to work in every time you start a new job somewhere. You can simply transport your office trailer to the site! Here are a few things you can do to make your construction company's office trailer look a little more permanent once it's set up on a project site:

Incorporate Some Lattice

An excellent way to make your office trailer look like it's a permanent structure is to trim the bottom of it with lattice so the wheels and hitch can't be easily noticed. Cut the lattice to size so it fits snug between the ground and the bottom frame of the office trailer so the lattice will stay put once you set it up. You can paint the lattice to match the color of your office trailer, or have custom stencils made that features your logo and then use the stencils to decorate the lattice. Once the lattice has been decorated, place rocks about the size of your fist around the front of it to help keep it in place.

Create a Garden

You can easily create a potted garden area in front of your office trailer to make it look like it's been landscaped for permanency. One of the best things about creating a garden is that you can grow herbs and vegetables to take home and use in your recipes. Gather a dozen or so 2-gallon gardening pots and fill them with your favorite soil and fertilizer. Plant vegetable and herb starters or seeds and place the pots in a decorative fashion in front of your office trailer. Then use stepping stones to create pathways between the garden pots, and incorporate a couple of benches into the mix.

Dress the Windows Up

By dressing up the windows a little, you'll make your office trailer look like it's been custom designed for your permanent use. Start by applying tinted insulation film to the windows. The colored tint will provide a custom look and the film itself will protect the interior's flooring, walls, and furniture from harmful ultraviolet rays. The film can be easily removed anytime in the future too. Then install exterior shades over the windows for even more personality and to enhance the look of permanence. And if possible, install small shelves in front of the windows to place flowers on.

These tips and tricks should help make easy work of turning your office trailer into a more permanent structure for long-term use.