Essential Car Battery Maintenance Steps

Winter can have a horrible effect on your car battery. Even if it isn't winter, there are things that you should do to prolong the life of your battery so that you do not have to replace it too soon. Fortunately, many of these forms of maintenance are not difficult to do.

Keep The Battery Warm

One of the most important rules about keeping batteries safe is to make sure that they do not become too cold. Otherwise, there is a risk that your battery will suffer from cracks, which could ruin it. However, if the battery is removed, you can have the battery charger placed in a warmer location that can keep it safe. If you have an insulated garage, this is also an option. Do not heat your garage though because this will cause your car to rust. 

Keep It Charged

Keeping your battery charged will also keep it protected. The great news is that battery chargers are less expensive than purchasing a new battery. Do not use a trickle charger. Instead, use a charger that has a float, maintenance, or storage charge mode. You will need a battery charger that will cycle on and off so that the battery is not overcharged. 

Maintain The Water Level

Inspect your battery's water level every two or three months if you have a wet-cell battery. The fill cap can be removed to allow you to inspect the fluid level. The battery must only be refilled with distilled water. If you have an absorbed glass matt battery, however, never open it. Maintenance-free batteries never need to be inspected except by a professional if you are having your car taken in for a tune-up. 

Keep It Clean

The battery terminals need to be cleaned with a wire brush every couple of months. If the battery terminals ever become too filthy, they will fail to establish contact properly and your battery may not start, which could leave you stranded. Fortunately, if you are stranded, your battery will be easy to repair.

When your battery is not functioning properly, it is time to have it inspected by mechanic services. There are some cases when you have a bad battery that can simply be replaced inexpensively. There are other cases where your only option is to have other components of your battery replaced so that your car is able to function properly, such as a spark plug or your gas line. Contact a company like Professional Automotive for more tips.