What Can Cause A Crack In Your Windshield To Spread?

If a rock hits your windshield, you may be left with a crack. When this occurs, it is important that you have the crack filled as soon as possible. When resin is properly injected into the glass, it helps to prevent the crack from spreading. However, if you do not have time or are short on cash, you may wonder if you can put off having auto glass repair done until it is convenient for you. Learning what causes a crack in your windshield to spread may help you realize the importance of having this done right away. Here are three of the things that can cause a crack in a windshield to grow.

Vibrations While Driving

As you drive, your windshield may bounce around or vibrate. This occurs when you go over speed bumps, drive over a rocky road, or hit pot holes. This can even occur if you turn the bass up on your radio. When the damaged glass bounces around, the small crack in your windshield may grow rapidly, leaving you with a much larger crack.

Cold Temperatures

Another thing that can cause a crack in your windshield to spread is cold temperatures. When it is cold outside, glass contracts. Is the glass shrinks ever so slightly, the crack can begin to spread. Once it begins to warm up outside, the glass begins to expand once again, which can also cause the crack to grow.

If you have a crack in your glass, you need to be especially cautious when temperatures dip below freezing. Ice can form on your windshield. If you heat the ice up too quickly, you can cause a damaged piece of glass to shatter more easily. As such, take your time and thaw the ice out steadily if you have been unable to repair the crack before freezing temperatures hit.


The last element that can cause a windshield crack to spread is sunlight. When the sun shines directly on your windshield, it heats the glass up. When glass is heated up, it expands. Envision a pair of nylons in your head. If the nylons have a run and you stretch them out, the run will grow. The same happens with windshields. If it is warm and sunny out, try to park in the shade or a garage until you can get the windshield crack repaired.

Vibrations, cold temperatures and sunlight can all cause a crack in your windshield to grow. A small crack can easily be repaired. However, if the crack gets to be too large, it may need to be replaced, rather than repaired. This can cost you a lot more money. Because of this, it is important to have auto glass repair done quickly to prevent these elements from causing a windshield crack to grow. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Coats Auto Body and Paint.