Why It Costs So Much To Have Your Faulty Transmission Replaced

If your car is found to have a bad transmission, you're not going to be able to drive it anywhere until it gets replaced. Sure, a car having transmission trouble can still be taken out on the road for awhile, but eventually it is going to go kaput and you will absolutely need to look into transmission repair. If you are questioning why it can cost so much money to have your broken transmission repaired or swapped out for a new one from the manufacturer, find out how much work is actually involved in this labor-intensive auto repair process.

How Transmissions Are Fixed 

The transmission is an extremely vital part of your car's overall mechanical system. This is why many mechanics recommend looking into transmission repair as soon as it becomes apparent that this major auto part is soon to give out. In fact, driving your car when you know that that you need to have your transmission replaced may cause your drive or prop shaft to also become damaged, eventually needing replacement.

When you want to have a transmission repair service performed, you basically have one of three main options. You can get your existing transmission rebuilt or purchase another rebuilt transmission that corresponds with your vehicle's make and model. A new transmission can also be sourced from a major auto part manufacturer and installed in your car. Lastly, you can have your mechanic find a used transmission that comes from a vehicle that has been taken apart, with each part being sold individually.

How Can You Benefit From Getting A Brand-New Transmission From The Manufacturer

If you do decide to purchase a new transmission for your car, you can rest assured that all of your transmission repair issues will be resolved permanently. A new transmission comes under a comprehensive warranty that generally lasts tens of thousands of miles. You will need to have your transmission fluid checked regularly so that you don't cause easily avoidable issues with your transmission, but besides that, a new transmission will allow you to drive long distances, carefree.

Transmission Life Versus Repair Costs

Although a new transmission will give your car the best type of transmission repair possible, it is also the most expensive solution you can utilize. Most people with transmission problems go with a rebuilt transmission because it is cost effective. Rebuilt transmissions also come with warranties, so it is ideal to compare the total cost of each of your transmission repair options to come up with the choice that is best for your car.

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