Preparing Yourself & Your Vehicle For A Road Trip To Alaska

A summer road trip to Alaska is a great way to spend time with your spouse or an old friend, especially when a road trip in a luxury automobile. However, if you don't plan the trip properly, your dream road trip could lead to a nightmare. Here are a few important things to do before you leave and head out on your summer road trip to Alaska. 

Documentation Requirements 

In order to drive to Alaska you obviously have to drive through Canada. Clearly, you will need documentation on hand in order to show the authorities when or if asked. Here's what you'll need and where to get it. 


Obviously, you'll need proof of citizenship to travel through Canada and into Alaska, as well as return. This proof of citizenship should preferably be a passport or a military issued ID card. Alternatively, if you live in a state that borders Canada, you can use an enhanced driver's license as your proof of citizenship. Also, since you'll be driving, you'll need a driver's license. 


For the vehicle you will need to have proof of vehicle ownership and proof of insurance. If you will be driving a vehicle you personally own, make sure the address on your driver's license matches the address on your vehicle's registration. If you are borrowing or renting a vehicle, you will need to have a signed letter from the owner saying that he or she has given you permission to drive the vehicle to Alaska. You'll need to have insurance coverage on the vehicle that meets the minimum requirements of every province in Canada. Your car insurance company can help you meet this requirement and provide you with the proper documentation you will need for it. 

Keep these documents in a lockable glove compartment while you are on the road. If your glove compartment is not lockable, ask your vehicle service center to upgrade your glove compartment so it is lockable. The reason for this is to keep your documents safe in case of an accident. 

Maintenance & Service 

Due to the length of the road trip, all the way to Alaska and back, you'll need to make sure the vehicle is in optimal condition to safely go the distance. Here are the most crucial things to check and replace or repair as necessary before a long road trip to and from Alaska: 

  • brakes
  • tires
  • oil
  • coolant
  • transmission fluid

Purchase a container of each type of fluid your vehicle takes and place them in a plastic bin or tote in the trunk of the car. If your vehicle is foreign, such as an Audi, be sure to also stock up on windshield wiper blades as they may be more difficult to find in the northern hemisphere, as most foreign car parts are. 

If you are unfamiliar with checking the fluid levels and replacing as necessary, ask your mechanic to show you how. Alternatively, some service stations and car dealerships have classes to teach the ins-and-outs of on-the-road vehicle maintenance. 

Also, do not forget to check your spare tire, or purchase one for the road trip if you do not have one. Try to get a full sized spare tire so you can avoid driving too many hours on a smaller spare tire. 

It's also important to check the service schedule to see whether or not any of the service milestones would be hit during your travels and to take care of those issues before leaving, such as changing hoses and belts. A mechanic who provides Audi service or repairs for other vehicle makes can provide you with a detailed list of the upcoming milestones to concern taking care of now rather than later.