Actions That Can Cause Your New Windshield To Pop Out

After you have just had your windshield replaced, you'll want to take steps to make sure that your windshield is taken care of, so that you won't experience any problems in the future. Eventually, your windshield will be just as good as new and you'll be able to drive safely with it in place. Following are some things to avoid, so that your windshield replacement service is successful.

Driving Immediately After the Windshield is Replaced

Generally, you'll want to wait before driving your vehicle after you have replaced the windshield. The windshield uses an adhesive to hold it in place. However, if the car is driven shortly after the windshield is replaced, the adhesive might not have enough time to dry. Fortunately, the adhesive does not take long to dry and you'll often be able to drive your car an hour after having your windshield replaced. Usually, the technicians will warn you of this and may recommend that the car remain with them for an additional hour. 

Check the inside of your car to make sure that there aren't any shards of glass left behind, from when your old windshield broke. Technicians will try to clean up shards of glass, but occasionally some will be missed. 

Pressing Against the Windshield

Even after the hour has passed, you don't want anything pressing against the glass. The adhesive will not be that strong until a few days have passed. For example, you may be trying to transport a piece of furniture and part of it might be pressing against the windshield. Or, you may place something on the hood of your car with a part of it pressing against the windshield. Using a drive-through car wash may lead to brushes pressing against the windshield. Any of these actions can lead to the windshield popping out of place. 

Generally, you should not use a car wash until the adhesive has fully dried. While you may not like seeing your car get dirty, it's worth the wait. If you must, hand wash your car and avoid exerting pressure on the windshield. Do not wash the windshield with a pressure washer. 

Pressure and Vibrations

Even air pressure can exert pressure on the windshield and cause it to pop out of place. Air pressure is created by leaving a window open. All of your windows should be kept closed, until the adhesive has had time to dry. Even small vibrations, such as those caused by slamming a car door shut, can dislodge the windshield.