Windshields, Tires, And Brakes! Oh My! 4 Ways To Get The Family Car Ready For Your Teenage Driver

If your teen is about to get their license and you're handing the family car down to them, make sure you take the proper steps to ensure their safety. Before you hand the keys over to your teenage driver, perform the following safety measures on the family car.

Repair the Windshield

If the family car has a few defects with the windshield, you need to get those repaired before you hand the keys over to your teenage driver. Cracked and damaged windshields can pose a serious risk, especially during accidents. First, cracked windshields aren't able to withstand the pressure that's exerted during an accident. Second, cracked windshields can interfere with the proper deployment of airbags during an accident. Not only that, but if the windshield is cracked, your teenage driver runs the risk that they'll be pulled over for fix-it tickets. You can help your teen avoid those risks by getting an auto glass replacement right away.

Upgrade the Insurance

Now that your teen will be driving the family car, you need to upgrade the insurance. This is particularly important if you don't have roadside assistance or comprehensive coverage on your current policy. Roadside assistance will ensure that your teen doesn't end up stranded on the side of the road without assistance. The comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of windshield repairs and replacement, should the windshield suffer damage while your teen is driving the family car.

Service the Vehicle

Before you hand the keys to your teenage driver, make sure that you service the engine on the family car. You'll need to make sure that the oil has been changed and that the brakes are in good condition. It's also important that you have the battery and cooling system inspected as well. If the family vehicle is ready for routine maintenance, such as transmission servicing, you should take care of those issues as well.

Replace the Tires

Now that you'll be handing the family car over to your teenage driver, be sure to replace the tires, especially if you can see considerable wear and tear on the current set. Blowouts can be difficult to control, especially when you're an inexperienced driver. Installing new tires on the family car will help your teen avoid that type of situation.

Don't take chances with the family car. Now that your teenager will be driving, take the steps described above to make sure the family car is ready.