3 Types Of Repairs Your Transmission May Need

The transmission is one of the most important parts inside a car, so it is no surprise that transmission problems can cause a lot of issues. If you notice anything wrong with your car's transmission, it is important to take it to a reputable transmission repair shop as soon as possible. Some common signs of transmission issues include slipping gears, buckling or jerking while driving, and a slow response time or delay when shifting from park to drive or reverse. In many cases, transmission issues can be fixed with easy to moderate repairs, but some issues may require more in-depth repairs. The different types of transmission repairs include the following.

In-Vehicle Repairs

Not all transmission problems are cause for alarm. There are several different issues with a transmission that can be fixed through in-vehicle repairs, which means that the transmission does not have to be removed. For example, strange shifting patterns could be caused by a faulty sensor that is causing the vehicle's computer to send improper signals to the transmission, or a bad solenoid pack can be making it impossible for the transmission to recognize the signal that is being sent. These types of transmission issues can be fixed pretty easily and the repairs are usually not that expensive.

Resealing the Transmission

Automotive transmissions rely on transmission fluid to keep the parts lubricated and to prevent overheating. Thus, it is essential to keep the transmission fluid levels where they need to be. Unfortunately, transmission fluid can leak, and in most cases it is due to bad seals. If you notice any signs of a transmission fluid leak, you need to have your car looked at as soon as possible. A mechanic will run several diagnostic tests to determine what is causing the leak. If it is indeed a faulty seal, you can have a transmission resealing in order to rectify the problem and stop the transmission fluid from leaking.

Transmission Rebuilding

Rebuilding a transmission is recommended when your transmission has serious problems. When your transmission is rebuilt, it will be removed from your vehicle and taken apart. Each component of the transmission will be inspected and faulty parts will be replaced. Then, the transmission will be put back together and placed back in your vehicle. A transmission rebuild can be highly effective when it is done by an experienced mechanic. A major benefit of having a transmission rebuilt is the fact that doing so is much less expensive than purchasing a brand new transmission.