3 Advantages Of A Car Title Transfer Service For Your Dealership

An auto dealership has a lot of tasks that it needs to complete on a daily basis, such as matching customers with the right vehicles, helping customers procure vehicle financing, and transferring their customers' vehicle titles. With so many things to do, it can be beneficial to outsource some of the work you need to get done so you can offer a better customer experience. Check out a few advantages associated with using an outside car title transfer service for your dealership.

1. You Won't Have to Memorize Every Legal Detail for Each State

Depending on the business nature and location of your dealership, you might buy and sell vehicles from and to customers in different states. Each state has its own specific rules that you need to follow when transferring a car title, and some also have additional paperwork that has to be completed to transfer the vehicle.

Instead of trying to familiarize your self and your employees with the procedures in each state that you serve, let an outside transfer service take care of that job. Since transferring car titles is the service's specialty, it will be well-versed in the distinct steps required when dealing with vehicles from certain states.

This lets your dealership focus on tasks that can help you sell more cars, like your marketing efforts or reaching out to potential customers. 

2. A Transfer Service Can Expedite the Process

It can take a few weeks to successfully complete the transfer process, especially if you inadvertently leave out a required document or are dealing with a tricky situation regarding ownership of the vehicle. Having to wait a lengthy period for the title to be transferred can impact customer satisfaction.

Make sure that you're getting titles transferred as quickly as possible by opting for a transfer service. The transfer service is more likely to get the documents and steps required for the vehicle's transfer correct on the first attempt.

3. You Won't Have to Dedicate a Full-Time Employee to Vehicle Transfer

If you need to minimize your labor costs, outsourcing some of the work is a way to do so. Instead of having an employee on-site who handles the logistics of transferring vehicle titles, let an outside entity handle this job.

You won't have to pay an employee salary and benefits to have them at your dealership at all times; this can save you a lot of money especially during your dealership's slower periods. Using a transfer service can also help you reduce the necessary costs for maintaining a separate office space for an additional employee.