5 Types Of Tire Damage

Are your tires damaged and you're unsure what to do about it? Here are some common problems you may be having, what caused the damage, and how you can fix it.

Wear Along The Center

If you have even wear throughout the entire center of your tire, this is likely a problem due to having too much air pressure in the tire. Center tire wear can also be caused by driving at very high speeds for a continuous period of time, such as being on the freeway a lot. You'll likely want to replace the tire but can prevent it from happening again by reducing the air pressure to the proper levels in the future. 

Worn Shoulders

If the outside edges of all your tires are worn down, this is due to having not enough air pressure in the tire. Shoulder wear can also happen due to driving behavior with aggressive cornering as well. Try putting more air pressure in the tire to get it to the proper levels, and slow down when taking tight turns. If necessary, replace the tire with a new one as well.

One Side Wear

When you only have wear on one side of your tire, this is likely due to the axle being misaligned. You'll want to have the suspension system inspected by a mechanic, and then have a wheel alignment performed to ensure that the wheels are set on the vehicle properly. If you have extreme wear, you'll need to replace the tire. 

Bald Spotting

Have you noticed small spots around the tire where it is worn out more than the surrounding area? This is called bald spotting, and it is likely due to having wheels that aren't balanced or defective shocks. Consider having the shocks inspected and your wheels balanced to ensure even wear.


Tire punctures are a problem that may or may not be repairable, which depends on where the puncture happened. This is typically caused by running over something on the road, so it can be completely out of your control as well. 

If the puncture is in the sidewall of the tire, there is not anything you can do to save the tire and get it back on your vehicle. However, a puncture in the top surface of your tire can be fixed. This involves placing a rubber plug in the tire to stop air from leaking out. Thankfully, this is a simple repair that can be done at a local tire dealer, and it will save you the cost of buying a new tire. 

For more information, contact a local tire service shop.