Primary Issues That Can Cause Your Car To Shake

When you drive, your car should not shake. If your car is shaking, you will want to get it into the auto repair center and have your mechanic figure out what the issue is right away. This will allow you to fix your vehicle and enjoy safe driving again.

Warped Brake Rotors

Your rotors are designed to provide a flat surface for your brake pads to make contact with and allow your vehicle to slow down and stop. However, if your brake rotors are warped, the brake pads will not be able to make an even surface with your rotors when braking. This can cause your vehicle to shake when you start to stop because your brakes are not working properly.

Alignment Issues

Another reason your vehicle could be experiencing issues when you are driving is because of alignment issues. When your alignment gets thrown off, that means one of your wheels is not running at the right angle. When it is not running at the right angle, that can cause your steering wheel to shake and vibrate. This can also cause your tires to wear out at an uneven pace.

Tire Balance Issues

Your tires should wear out at the same rate. However, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes, things such as driving patterns, road conditions, and over or under-inflating your tires can lead to unbalanced tires. Unbalanced tires are a more significant issue than you think they are. Unbalanced tires can put a strain on your axle and suspension, and that strain can lead to you feeling vibrations in your wheel and vehicle as you drive. This can be fixed by getting new tires. If you have any axle or suspension issues due to the tire balance issues, you will want to fix that damage.

Suspension Issues

You may have an issue somewhere in your suspension system. Your suspension system is large and complex and includes various components such as joints, bushings, shock absorbers, and springs. If even one of these many parts encounters an issue, that can impact your vehicle's handling abilities and can cause shaking in your steering wheel when you drive.

Brake Caliper Damage

Your brake calipers are an often-overlooked part of your brake system. The brake calipers help the rotor to slow down and stop your vehicle. Sometimes, the caliper can become stuck, which can happen for a variety of issues.

If your vehicle is shaking when you are driving, there is a mechanical issue behind the shaking, and a local auto repair service can help figure out what the issue is. You shouldn't keep driving if your vehicle handling isn't well; you should get the issue fixed.