Top Three Noises Your Brakes Make

One of the most common complaints mechanics hear from clients is that their brakes are making noises. Sometimes it is a dragging sound, while other times it is a squeak. Regardless of what noise is coming from your brakes, it is best to have them checked out by a professional.

No. 1 – Grinding

The second you hear a grinding noise from your brakes, you should immediately stop driving the vehicle. The pads on your brakes will wear out over time. By the time they have begun emitting a grinding noise, you have worn all the padding off. Continued driving after the pads are worn down will increase the repair bill, as you are pushing metal against metal. In addition, you risk the chance of your vehicle not stopping at all when you apply the brake.

No. 2 – Thumping

There are two reasons you may be hearing a thumping noise coming from the wheel area on your vehicle. The first could be due to rust forming on the rotors. However, if you are hearing the noise from the rear of your vehicle while braking, it is often the brake drum. The drums are different than the front brakes, as they have a shoe that presses into the side of a round drum, stopping the car. When they wear unevenly, you will hear a thumping noise as they are rubbing along the surface. Mechanics will need to inspect the area to determine if a full replacement is needed, or if they can simply sand down the surface.

No. 3 – Squeaking

Squeaking is often the most common sound people tell their mechanic about. Squeaking brakes can happen because of cheap parts or because the pads are beginning to thin. It is recommended to always purchase high-quality pads, which are not necessarily the most expensive. Talk to your mechanic and read reviews to determine which brand and type are best for your vehicle. The wear indicator will cause squeaking when you are not braking. The indicator will drag along the rotor and make a noise. However, the noise should cease when you apply pressure to the brake pedal.

Whether it is grinding, thumping, or squeaking, noises coming from your brakes are a sign that you need to have your car checked out by a professional. Having them routinely serviced will extend the life of your vehicle and prevent accidents. The life span of a brake depends on how hard you are on them, including frequent stopping in city traffic.

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