3 Warning Indicators Your Wheels Are Misaligned

When it comes to safely driving your car and extending the life of your tires, ensuring the tires are aligned is important. A correct alignment will also guarantee a smooth ride and increase the gas mileage. You can effortlessly tell that your wheels are not level because they start to slowly get out of line. The main causes of wheel misalignment are normal deterioration, abrupt shaking, and hitting bumps or potholes. That is why you must visit a certified car repair technician to inspect and align your wheels.

The following are three indicators your wheels are misaligned.

1. Car Moves Sideways As You Drive

Driving a car that moves sideways can be risky. It can also be exhausting to attempt and keep your vehicle centered in your lane while you drive. That said, the main culprit behind a car that moves sideways is usually bad calibration of the wheels. When the wheels are uneven, your car will start moving to the side immediately after you let go of the steering wheel. In such a case, you should have the car checked by a professional mechanic. They will adjust the wheels and suspension to the original place.

2. Your Tires Are Wearing Unevenly

Your auto tires are bound to deteriorate with time due to environmental elements and other factors. Therefore, you must be conversant with some causes in order to take the correct measures to protect them. If your wheels are misaligned, the rubber tires will be subjected to wear and tear on the interior and outer edges. This is mainly because the wheels are leaning on a single side for too long. To solve this issue, visit an auto repair shop and have your car inspected for possible misalignment problems.

3. Your Steering Helm Looks Bent

Normally, your navigation wheel should appear even. However, things can change with time due to various reasons, wheel misalignment being the main cause. The wheels may have gone out of line after hitting a bump, pothole, or getting in an accident. Examine the emblem if you suspect that the steering wheel appears bent. If it is crooked, your car has to be inspected by an automobile repair expert. Because an uneven steering helm can be caused by many other issues, your technician will determine the exact reason and fix it. 

Misaligned wheels can cause more damage to other parts of your car, especially if left unattended. So, take your vehicle to an auto repair technician as soon as you notice any of the signs highlighted above. 

For more information about wheel alignment, contact a local auto shop.