What Problems Make A Damaged Tire Difficult Or Impossible To Repair?

Driving on damaged or worn tires is one of the quickest ways to turn an otherwise safe and reliable vehicle into something that presents a hazard to yourself and other drivers. Your vehicle's tires are its only connection to the road, providing the contact necessary to allow you to accelerate, brake, and turn effectively. Without good tires, none of your vehicle's other components can live up to their potential. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to afford new rubber when one of their tires suffers damage.

Why Are Fuel and Air Filters Critical Service Items on Classic Mercedes Diesels?

The W123 chassis is well-known and loved by Mercedes enthusiasts. Although Mercedes stopped producing these cars decades ago, many owners still keep them on the roads. These vehicles are relatively reliable, including the turbocharged diesel engines found in models denoted with a 'D.' However, servicing an older diesel engine requires a little more care than you might expect. If you've recently acquired one of these vehicles, it's crucial to understand the steps you'll need to take to keep it running well.

Top Three Noises Your Brakes Make

One of the most common complaints mechanics hear from clients is that their brakes are making noises. Sometimes it is a dragging sound, while other times it is a squeak. Regardless of what noise is coming from your brakes, it is best to have them checked out by a professional. No. 1 – Grinding The second you hear a grinding noise from your brakes, you should immediately stop driving the vehicle.

Signs That Your Vehicle May Need Air Conditioning Repair Services

Spring is the perfect time to test out your car's air conditioning system and ensure everything is working properly. If there is a problem, this gives you time to have the issue repaired prior to hot summer temperatures hitting. Your air conditioning not kicking on or cooling your sign is one of the tell-tale signs that automotive repair to your air conditioning system is needed, but it is not the only sign of air conditioning issues.

Do You Have a Bad Serpentine Belt in Your Vehicle?

Your vehicle has several belts that need to be in good condition for it to work properly. One of those belts is the serpentine belt, which is also known as the alternator belt or fan belt. The purpose of this belt is to keep all of the accessory pulleys connected. When the engine is running, there is a pulley that moves the belt to rotate the water pump, power steering pump, AC compressor, and alternator.