Taking Care Of Your Car's Windshield Wipers

Your car's windshield wipers are an important part of your safety on the road. The wipers keep the windshield clean and improve visibility. However, they can only do this if they are intact and clean. This calls for the following wiper maintenance measures: Don't Use Wipers to Clear Snow/Ice off the Windshield Don't use wipers to clear snow or ice off the windshield; instead, use other methods such as deicing or scraping.

How To Find The Right Mechanic For Your Classic Porsche

Owning a classic Porsche is a unique opportunity, indeed. You get the opportunity to drive a piece of original German automobile perfection anytime you wish. When your dear ride starts to sputter, however, you may not know who to turn to for Porsche auto repair. Learn how to choose the right mechanic to care for your vintage vehicle. Porsche dealerships The first place you should turn to is your nearest Porsche dealership.