Rust Contamination In Auto AC Refrigerant: Causes, Symptoms, And Solutions

Now that summer is here, your car's air conditioning system will be worth its weight in gold during those long, hot commutes and vacation drives. However, if your vehicle's air conditioner is poorly maintained, has been improperly repaired, or is simply getting old, it may be vulnerable to serious refrigerant contamination problems. Foreign substances contaminating your air conditioner's refrigerant supply can cause serious damage to the system. Rust is one of the most common contaminants found in auto air conditioners.

Why Does Your Car's Exhaust Smell Like Gasoline?

Automotive exhaust doesn't typically have a pleasant odor, although you usually shouldn't be able to smell your car's exhaust fumes. However, there are some situations where your exhaust may produce a more noticeable odor. These smells can range from rotten eggs to gasoline to acrid burning odors. Unfortunately, a detectable odor from your exhaust usually indicates an underlying problem. Note that some odor may be normal when your car first starts.

Essential Things To Know About Auto Transmission Repair

Automatic or manual auto transmissions direct engine power to the wheels, facilitating movement. However, transmission systems may experience weather or physical damage over time, calling for auto transmission repair. Here are the essential things you must know about car transmission repairs. When to Perform Auto Transmission Repair Auto transmission repair professionals may schedule routine repairs after a given period. Nonetheless, emergency transmission repair may be necessary, and these are the telltale signs:

Your Car Might Be Leaking Oil Because Of A Cracked Gasket

After parking your car for an extended period, you might back up only to notice a pool of oil. If your vehicle is leaking oil, this is a problem you shouldn't ignore because your car might not have enough oil to function correctly and can become damaged. In many cases, the problem is the result of a bad gasket. Unfortunately, figuring out why your vehicle is leaking oil might be challenging without taking it to an auto service technician.

Three Things Car Owners Should Know About Transmission Work

Problems with your vehicle's transmission can be an urgent mechanical issue that will have the potential to cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle. Whenever your car is starting to exhibit warning signs that its transmission is malfunctioning, it will be an issue that requires an urgent response.  Burning Odors Are Not The Only Warning Sign Of Transmission Problems A very common indication that a vehicle is suffering from transmission problems could be the presence of burning odors in the vehicle.