4 Tips For Renting A Moving Truck

Moving trucks are one of those pieces of equipment that is essential in making a move happen. After all, how would you otherwise move all of your possessions from one place to another without one? Without a truck, it could take many many trips to get it all done. This is why renting a moving truck is ideal. Here are four tips for doing this and making it work within your budget: 

How a Mechanic Usually Assesses the Sale Price of a Vehicle That Needs Lots of Repairs

If you are shopping for a vehicle, and you see a seller selling what they call a "mechanic's special," you might wonder if the sale price is worth it. If you can fix the vehicle yourself, or you know someone who will do the auto repair work cheap, then it may be worth the price. Here are a few factors to consider before you buy that "mechanic's special." The Current Blue Book Value if the Vehicle Was Running

How To Cheaply And Efficiently Tint Your Back Windows

It is quite tempting to try out automotive tinting for yourself. Budget is often a cause – who likes to spend money by hiring providers who will do the tinting if you can do it yourself? There are a number of DIY kits available which can actually help in doing the windows, but what about efficiency? Can we match the speed, quality, and efficiency of getting tinting done by the experts?

Five Check Engine Light Issues That Get Worse If Ignored

Whether you drive a Mercedes Benz or almost any other type of modern vehicle, the check engine light may come on if there is trouble. This light can indicate numerous things, and it's nearly impossible to tell what the issue is, unless you bring the car into a repair shop. In some cases, it may be a small problem such as a loose gas cap. However, in many cases, the problem could be serious, and ignoring it may only make it worse

When Your Car Is Burning Oil: What It Means And What You Need To Do

If you've been driving long enough, you've seen a car with what seems to be a cloud of smoke trailing behind it. In many instances, this is the case of a vehicle that is burning oil. Even worse, you might be dealing with this very issue yourself now. If so, questions about what burning oil actually means are probably fresh on your mind. Here are some tips to help you understand what this means and how to get to the bottom of the problem.